Ship Chandling

We have been one of the biggest Importers and distributors for quite a long time located very much near to the sea port and have been engaged with multiple shipping organizations for many business transactions. This gave a thought to us that "How would it be if we can provide ship chandling services?" The answer was yes from our team and we have stepped into this adding another vertical to our business. From then there is no looking back, all the shipping companies who have taken our services have been delighted with our services and have been recommending our services for other business houses also.

Food Products Retail Distribution

GSC is a Seychelles based Company of Safco International, Dubai. It came into existence in the year 2005.  Over the years our Products have became popular with people far & wide. The growing customer base and increase in demand for GSC's various products & supplies has motivated us to expand.

GSC is a leading Seychelles supplier of quality packaging products designed to meet and exceed the growing needs of our customers.

Representing market-leading brands, we provide our customers with quality products, volume discount pricing, industry expertise and excellent service. We are continually looking at increasing our current product range by introducing new and exciting products.

 We deliver value-added service distribution and outsourcing solutions throughout Seychelles providing a consistent consolidation supply chain solution across all of our customers' needs. GSC has a broad range of capabilities to meet customer demands utilizing partnerships with market leading brands.

Within a short span of time, GSC has earned for itself an industry wide reputation, covering restaurants, 5 star hotels, supermarkets and retail outlets, as an extremely quality conscious supplier of poultry, mutton, beef, vegetables, diary and dry foodstuff as well as kitchen and housekeeping items. We service major airline companies, resorts, hotels, restaurants, ships and various naval fleets with utmost care and awareness and are well recognized for our well maintained standards of international hygiene control regulations

We have a reliable distribution network and warehouse facilities in Victoria, Seychelles to accommodate the varying needs of our customers.
Our experienced, highly skilled and dedicated customer service representatives are available to understand our customers' needs and process orders. Our dispatch and warehousing staff ensure our customers receive their order on time and in full and our product specialists source the best product at the best price.

Our aim is to continue to provide single-source integrated services including:

  • Supply and distribution of products

  • High quality product and service
    On time in full and;

  • Customer relationship excellence

We pride ourselves on building strong and reliable customer relationships. We work in partnership with our customers and this allows us to anticipate and be proactive in meeting their evolving needs and requirements through dedicated processes and capabilities.

We have earned an enviable reputation and maintain our commitment to quality assurance and customer excellence.


Catering Hotel Supplies

GSC Clearing Services is one of the leading transport service providers in Seychelles, operates a varied fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles.

Using IT systems to manage its large road transport fleet, North and South complements customers businesses by ensuring safe handling and timely delivery of shipments.

Through our network of experienced professionals, strong world shipping connections and extreme flexibility, GSC Clearing Services is able to specifically respond to whatever your shipping needs may be. Our representatives stay close to your shipment from pick-up to delivery, keeping you closely informed of its progress. Working with a range of shipping liners across the globe GSC Clearing is offering total marine Logistics solutions.

GSC offers a total service covering door-to-door shipping, freight forwarding to all parts of the Country, customs clearance, transportation, storage and distribution, export documentation and import credits. No matter what your cargo needs is, or from where your business operates, our integrated rail, sea and road networks will ensure your shipments are delivered safely and on time, every time.

We offer reliable and efficient services to all importers and exporters using our Corridor Seychelles. When it comes to dealing with Customs, GSC makes imports and exports simple, we streamline the import process for businesses that needs shipments right away. We are continuously updating our system with all changes to customs regulatory procedures, ensuring our customers prompt compliance.

We are one of the most reliable companies offering a complete warehousing and distribution solution. We have a spacious and secure warehouse for the perfect storage of any type of goods. We have also established a strong distribution network that extends our reach to every corner of the world.

GSC offers pre-delivery inspection where vehicles are inspected and de-waxed washed and prepared. This service saves customers time and money.


We are equipped with state of the art packing facility, along with warehouses that are designed with demand temperature controls. All our ware houses are very well connected to Sea Port and Airport of Seychelles.cutting edge technology, the first warehouse is around 900 square meters (only for cold storage with -18C temperature) and another space of 1000 Square meters to store beverages, packaged food, to store non food material and other delicate items like fruits, vegetables etc which

Constructions and Building material Supply

GSC provides Construction and Building material Supply to several locations of Seychelles. In many parts of the Country building materials need to be shipped in via barge in containers and flat racks. GSC is strategically formed to become the major supplier for these commodities.

GSC was established to fill this need in a country where there is a lot of growth. Our expertise in competitively sourcing construction materials along with our extensive knowledge of how to cost-effectively package, load and ship these materials gives us an advantage over companies that mainly focus on the Seychelles market.

Our company offers a full line of building materials, including Steel, Timber- Plywood - MDF, Heavy Construction Equipment, Machinery, Paint, Tiles & Parquet and Electrical Lighting & Fittings, , cabinets, plumbing fixtures, trusses, tools, flooring, hardware, appliances, and mouldings. If it's used for residential or commercial construction, we can supply it.

At GSC, our goal is to be our customers' one-stop source for projects all over the Seychelles. What sets our company apart is that we can offer both competitive pricing and deep expertise in the logistics of shipping materials. Many companies can quote you good prices for their products but struggle with the all-important shipping process. We are experts at both, which is critically important when considering a supplier for your business.