About Us


Who we are:

GSC is run by a team of professionals with rich experience in the fields of Imports, Exports and distribution. Our expertise in business is reflected in the systems and processes we follow to achieve our common VISION. Our staff is well trained in effectively executing all the services of our organization ensuring highest customer satisfaction coupled with a progressive approach towards the development of that particular line of our business.

Our Vision:

GSC Endeavors to become the market leader in the supply and demand of products to the Hospitality, Construction, Retail Industry, with a strong focus on Quality, Freshness and Prompt Delivery.

Our Mission:

Adapting to the changing practices and using cutting edge technologies is what we follow spasmodically to achieve our VISION.

Why GSC (Quality and people)

  • People assimilate quality with GSC. Stringent focus towards quality and timely delivery is what made us as one of the most sought after service providers (vendors) for Industry giants in both food and non food products.

  • Across the globe, we are considered for our operational excellence. Excellence can be achieved through practice and team spirit. Through practice we get to learn on a regular basis. We often take up custom designed training programs to see that all our staff is accoutered with just out practices.

  • We have become the most preferred vendors, for the reason that we are decked with the latest technology be it material handling machinery, storage devices (Cold and others) etc.

Why GSC (Quality and people)

The range of products GSC imports and distributes can be simply classified into two types.
Food and Non Food.


Storage and distribution of food is one of the most sensitive businesses, any minute error would just lead to huge chaos as it would affect the health of individuals there by damaging the image of the hospitality service provider and goods supplier.GSC is hands on in dealing with meat, sea foods, all types of cheese, milk and its subsidiary dairy products, chocolates, bakery items, soft drinks, edible oils, cereals, canned food items, packaged drinking water, frozen, chilled foods etc.

Non Food (Hospitality Equipment and Disposable items):

Hospitality Equipment:

Our range of Non food products comprise of Hospitality related range of equipment and disposable items. Handling of hospitality equipment is quite challenging as the machinery is peculiar in terms of make, sensitive by nature and any deformities during translocation makes the equipment go waste and this is an embarrassment for all those involved in the process(Selling company, Buyer, Supplier) as getting another one would consume very long time. GSC has a team of well trained experts who are capable of handling these assignments with almost 100% accuracy.

Disposable Items:

We are in a situation that none of our daily routine is complete without the intervention of at least one disposable item. Be it our home, a star hotel, restaurant, office etc. Using disposable items with quality standards help us to avoid environmental pollution.